In-Sync Sounds Music Studio


We Create Music Together

Usually when we stream ‘live’ Music or Video over the internet there are two major problems: Sound Quality and Latency. Sound Quality is compromised when sound is compressed. Latency occurs when a musical sound played over the internet is delayed. This makes it impossible for two musicians (i.e. Teacher and Student) to play together. In-Sync Sounds uses ‘state-of-the-art’ streaming Technology: Zoom Professional Musician, along with SonoBus, to create a synchronous learning experience for the student. In-Sync Sounds is a distinctive music studio because we can provide the student with a learning experience that IS ‘face-to-face’, with quality video and sound. Available NOW online!

Lessons With an Array of Instruments

At In-Sync Sounds Music Studio we teach Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukelele,

French Horn and Voice